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Zakharova: ‘Artsakh Republic’ has no representation in Moscow

The "Republic of Artsakh" has no representation in Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told a briefing on Thursday, an APA correspondent reported from Moscow.

She said they have received such an inquiry from the Azerbaijani media.

"On February 22, Moscow hosted a roundtable titled “Independent Artsakh: 30 years ", which was attended by the permanent representative of the “Republic of Artsakh” in Moscow Albert Adrian. The creation of the Russian-Artsakh Friendship Society was announced. How could the Russian Foreign Ministry comment on this? We are trying to understand what the issue is. What I mean is, the “Republic of Artsakh” has no representative in Moscow,” the spokesperson said.

Zakharova went on to say: “According to information, Adrian is an advisor to the Armenian Embassy in Russia. In any case, that is how he is accredited in the Russian Foreign Ministry. I do not think there is a need to comment on the establishment of a Russia-Artsakh friendship society. There are various public organizations in Russia. What is important is that these organizations do not act against the Russian legislation.”

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