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Azerbaijani president: Armenia’s occupation policy hinders peace, stability, progress in region

The occupation policy being carried out by Armenia creates obstacles to peace, stability and progress of countries in the region, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said in a message to the participants of the international conference titled "Interstate Relations in the Caucasus: 100 Years Ago and the Modern Era".

"Dear participants of the conference, I cordially greet you and congratulate you on the occasion of the international conference titled "Interstate Relations in the Caucasus: 100 Years Ago and the Modern Era",” the president said. “The comprehensive study of relations among the Caucasus countries, obtaining objective scientific results and their wide distribution have an important practical value.”

“This region is a unique place where over many centuries, different peoples and cultures having rich cultural heritage and traditions, were mixed,” he said. “The various centers of power were interested in the region because of its strategic importance, which had significant influence on the nature of interstate relations in the region.”

“The history of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, created a century ago, and other neighboring republics, as well as the experience of the modern period of independence show that the economy, welfare and well-being of the Caucasian peoples primarily depend on their cooperation, based on mutual respect and common interests,” the president said.

"Unfortunately, just like at the beginning of the last century, the current Armenian state is carrying out an occupation policy aimed at expanding its territories through neighboring countries, especially through Azerbaijan, occupying, carrying out genocide and ethnic cleansing,” the president added. “This also hinders peace, stability and progress of countries in the region.”

“Such international conferences, being held with the participation of about 200 researchers representing well-known research centers of Azerbaijan and the world, serve to thoroughly assessing the results, establishing and developing bilateral cooperation among research institutes and specialists through the study of historical experience and geopolitical processes,” he said.

“There is no doubt that Azerbaijan will continue to make its contribution to expansion of mutual relations between the different countries` scholars studying Caucasus,” he said. “I hope the discussions being held by you during the conference, the recommendations and proposals put forward will be a significant step in resolving the pressing problems in the Caucasus Studies, will give an impetus for outlining new directions for international scientific cooperation, and, on the whole, for strengthening of peace and prosperity in the region.”

“I wish you all great success on this path, robust health and happiness in your life," the president said.

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